Nine New Board Members Have Been Elected

Dear SABPA members,

The 2013 SABPA board election is now closed. Thank you for your participation.  We had eleven outstanding candidates for eight open positions on the board this year. Based on the voting results verified by the SABPA web team, there is a tie between the votes for the candidates who have the 8th and 9th highest votes. The Election Committee proposed to accept both candidates to the board based on the precedence set in the 2011 election, and the proposal was approved by the Executive Committee of the board. As a result, this year’s board will be consisted of 22 members. The number will be reset back to 21 in next year’s election.

We are pleased to announce that the following nine candidates have been elected by you to be on the board:

Paul DeRidder

Xiangming Fang

Yinghong Gao

Peter Huang

Yang Liu

Mao Mao

Fred Ouyang

Yan-Bo Yang

Peter Zhu

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected board members. Their term will begin immediately and end in 2016. We look forward to their continued contribution to SABPA.

We would like to thank members of the past BOD Election Committees for their help and guidance. We would also like to thank Heng Dai, Kai Wang, and Zhijiang Chen whose experience, diligence, and team work ensured a successful election process. If you have any question regarding this election, please contact us at


Best Regards,

Stephanie Shi, PhD, Chair

Hengchu Cao, PhD

Hua Gong, PhD


2013 SABPA Election Committee