WHENOctober 09, 2016 @ 8:00am - 5:00pm

Eight New Board Members Have Been Elected


Dear SABPA members,


The 2016 SABPA board election is now closed. This year, we had historically high number of members casted their vote for 8 openings on our board of directors. Thank you for your participation.


We had twelve outstanding candidates for eight open positions on the board this year.  Based on the voting results verified by the SABPA election team, the following eight candidates from both OC/LA and San Diego chapters received the highest votes based on the current SABPA bylaw.


We are pleased to announce that the following eight candidates have been elected by you to be on the board.


Peter Huang

Shuangwei Li

Huaina Li

Yang Liu

Fred Ouyang

Weijun Shen


Yanbo Yang

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected board members. Their term will begin immediately and end in 2019. We look forward to their continued contribution to SABPA.

We would like to thank members of the past BOD Election Committees for their help and guidance. We would also like to thank Ron Zhu, David Zhang, and Zhijiang Chen whose experience, diligence, and team work ensured a successful election process.  If you have any question regarding this election, please contact us at election@sabpa.org.

Best Regards,


Hui Li, PhD, Chair

Guang Chen, MD, PhD

Jinsong Ni, PhD


2016 SABPA Election Committee