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Scientist, in vitro pharmacology

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or a related field
  • Biological assay development, validation, quality control, and application in discovery research.
  • Experience in development of SOPs, writing of research proposals and study reports.

Scientist I/II, HTS and compound management

  • Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry, or closely related field
  • Scientific and technical background in drug discovery, with demonstrated proficiency in assay development, optimization, and screening with small molecules.
  • Perform and manage SAR/HTS compound screening project.

Scientist, in vivo Immuno Oncology

  • PhD or advanced degree with 0-2 years of experience in the area of immune oncology.
  • Broad expertise in tumor immunology, cellular immunology, and high dimensional flow cytometry.
  • Extensive experience in immune-oncology assays and biology, particularly T cell, Dendritic cell, macrophage and NK cell-related assays, flow cytometry, immune cell isolation and phenotyping, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity, and other functional assays.

Research Associate II/III, in vitro Immuno Oncology

  • BS in the life sciences with a preference for a concentration or focus in immunology or biochemistry.
  • Experience conducting aseptic cell culture of primary and established immune and tumor cell lines.
  • Basic knowledge of ELISA assays and FACS instrumentation.

Research Associate II/III, in vivo Immuno Oncology

  • B.S., and M.S. with 1+ years of experience in Immunology, Cancer Biology, Pharmacology or related field to apply as a Research Associate /Scientist.
  • Experience in sterile cell culture techniques, and in vitro/ex vivo immune cell-based assays.
  • Experience in T cell, dendritic cell, macrophage and NK cell-related assays, flow cytometry (including FACS methods, analysis and interpretation).
  • Experience in handling rat is a big plus

Research Associate II, HTS and compound management

  • BS or MS in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Cancer Biology, Pharmacology or related field with 0-3 years of relevant industry/ academic experience.
  • Experience in cell culture, assay development, and compound screening is a plus

Research Associate, in vitro pharmacology

  • BS or MS in biological sciences with minimal 1-2 year relevant experience
  • Extensive cell culturing experience.
  • Experience in cell counting (manual and digital methods); cell sorting, stable cell line selection and maintenance.

Research Associate I/ Intern, in vitro Immuno Oncology

  • B.S. in Life Sciences or material sciences-related field.
  • Demonstrate a high level of initiative in troubleshooting experiments and performing data analysis.
  • Flow cytometry experience is preferred, but not required.

Assistant Project Manager, project management

  • B.S. in Life Sciences related field.
  • Demonstrate skills of Microsoft Office and other basic computer software.
  • Must be able to think critically and logistically.