WHENFebruary 02, 2019 - February 02, 2019 @ 8:20am - 6:00pm
WHEREHilton San Diego/Del Mar, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA
INFOFees: Regular Attendees: $45, Full-time Students: $20, Onsite Regular: $60, Onsite Student: $30 (SABPA member will get up to $35 discount)
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The 3rd Annual SABPA Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum


SABPA is excited to bring you the 3rd Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum. This forum will cover Gene and Cell Therapy and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are honored to have high-caliber speakers to share with us the latest breakthroughs and their visions in these areas. There will be several individual presentations and two panel discussions focusing on CAR- T and AI, respectively. The audience will have great opportunities to ask questions, share ideas, learn from the experts, and network with their peers.

Program Highlights

  • Breakthroughs in CAR-T therapy and biomarkers
  • Pioneering approaches to gene therapies for cardiovascular diseases
  • Latest advancements in antisense drug discovery and development
  • Showcase of success stories with artificial intelligence in disease diagnostics
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in enabling drug discovery and addressing unmet medical needs
  • Perspectives from VC on artificial intelligence industry


Dashan Gao, CTO, 12Sigma Technologies

Travis Young, VP of Biologics, CALIBR

Kirk Hammond, Professor of Medicine, UCSD

Henry Ji, CEO, Sorrento Therapeutics

Gini Deshpande, Founder & CEO, NuMedii

Anne Tseng, Head of BD, Insilico Taiwan

Gavin Lu, Sr. Tech Analyst, Eureka Therapeutics

Tiffany Tanaka, Assi Clin Professor, UCSD

Frank Bennett, SVP of Research, Ionis

Khai Minh Pham, Founder & CEO, ThinkingNode

Tom Kluz, Head, Healthcare Venture, Qualcomm

Sam Riccitelli, Board Member, Precipio

Bob Valamehr, CDO, Fate Therapeutics

Ivor Royston, CEO, Viracta Therapeutics

Navid Alipour, Managing Partner, Analytics Ventures

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