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The bioinformatics scientist will be based at our R & D lab in San Diego (Genovo Inc.). He/she will work collaboratively with bench scientists to build tools, analyze sequence results, and integrate data. We are seeking a senior level bioinformatics scientist who is passionate about making real differences in the field of molecular diagnostics and is enthusiastic about working in an exciting startup environment. This position requires a person with a strong commitment to science and technology and with demonstrated knowledge in genomics, bioinformatics, statistics, and programming. The candidate should be energetic, open-minded, detail-oriented and results driven.

1. Implement analysis workflows for the identification and interpretation of actionable cancer somatic mutations from different types of tumor and normal tissue samples of cancer patients.
2. Data analysis projects involving the results from large cohorts of patients involved in clinical trials.
3. Select, test, and implement bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis, annotation, and interpretation of cancer genomic data
4. Perform analysis of aggregated results from patient cohorts, applying the appropriate multivariate statistical analysis, machine learning, and visualization methods
5. Mine sequencing data and provide feedback to R&D team.
6. Present results of analyses to internal stakeholders and customers/collaborators
7. Implement quality control metrics and procedures to prevent and detect errors
8. Insure that all work is properly documented, code is under change control, and provenance of data is maintained
9. Work closely with IT specialists to build and maintain robust infrastructure

1. PhD/MSc in bioinformatics, computer science, applied mathematics/physics, genetics, and/or quantitative biological sciences.
2. 3-5 year expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics focused on NGS applications including genome variation, cancer genomics, transcriptomics, etc.
3. In-depth knowledge of NGS genomic data analysis and bioinformatics tools (BWA, SamTools, GATK, FreeBayes, MuTect, VarScan etc.) and current data formats (e.g. VCF, BAM/SAM).
4. Scripting or programming expertise for bioinformatics (Perl/Python, Java, C/C++) is a must.
5. Versed in the inner workings and limitations of modern high-throughput sequencing platforms (Illumina, Ion Torrent).
6. Proven ability to develop data analysis methods & algorithms, use of common machine learning tools (e.g. SciKit, Weka), and proficiency in the use of common statistical analysis tools (e.g. R, MatLab) is highly desirable.
7. Ability to quantify accuracy and performance of algorithms/tools/pipelines with respect to metrics, datasets, and the literature.
8. UNIX environment expertise including clustering and parallelization of analysis jobs is necessary.
9. Experience with cloud computing environments (e.g. AWS, Google), distributed computing tools (StartCluster, Hadoop, Spark), and containerization (e.g. Docker) is highly desirable.
10. Exposure to public data sources, such as TCGA, CCLE, Ensembl, GTEx, Achilles, etc.
11. Prior industry experience as well as record of developing clinical pipelines is desirable.
12. Track record of successful interactions with bench biologists, a scientific publication record, and excellent communication skills are pluses.
13. Ability to prioritize and deliver research in a fast-paced, milestone-driven environment.
14. Strong work ethic, emphasizing both efficiency and quality of work.
15. Publication of original scientific work in relevant journals.