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Multiple job openings at HD Biosciences

We are hiring…… Please send your application (or question) to Scientist, in vitro pharmacology Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or a related field Biological assay development, validation, quality control, and application in discovery research. Experience in development of SOPs, writing of research proposals and study reports. Scientist I/II, HTS and compound management Ph.D. [...]

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Biocom Educational Session: Transformative Screening Platforms for Today’s Drug Discovery

Biocom Educational Session Transformative Screening Platforms for Today’s Drug Discovery June 20th, 8-10 AM, 2018 Venue: Biocom McGraw Boardroom- 10996 Torreyana Rd. Suite 200, San Diego, CA Registration:   Do you wish to keep abreast of the new developments in cutting-edge screening technologies? Are you trying to rise to the challenge of working with [...]

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Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Drug Discovery and Development

How can we accelerate successful drug discovery and development? The success of clinical candidate development depends on several factors, important among them are generation of novel, therapeutically-relevant chemical structures, early and rapid assessment of possible efficacy of candidate structures in pre-clinical therapeutic models and rapid elimination of candidates that will ultimately prove unsuccessful. Innovative processes [...]

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正大天晴药业集团研究院国际人才招聘 公司简介 正大天晴药业集团股份有限公司是中国集科研,生产和销售为一体的大型综合型医药企业,2017年营业额人民币167亿元,在2016年度“中国医药工业百强榜”上列第16位,在2017年“中国医药研发产品线最佳工业企业”排名第1位。 招聘职位 Director, Immunotherapy (Immuno-Oncology focus) (技术总监:免疫治疗) Location Nanjing, China (中国南京) Description The successful candidate will participate in the design and validation of the next generation of immunotherapeutics. He/she will provide strategic and technical leadership across immuno-oncology projects and initiatives. In addition to supporting the expansion of our antibody portfolio, the candidate [...]

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2nd Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum

Event Name: Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum Event Date: Aug.29-31.2018 Event Venue: Shanghai, PR. China   The Antibody and Antibody-based Therapeutics have entered the center stage of drug discovery and been reflected through the major shift of focus in pipeline by pharmaceutical companies from small molecules to a broader portfolio with biologics and chemical agents. [...]

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SDEE: Get To Know Your Neighbors

Get To Know Your Neighbors Thursday, May 3rd 5:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Green Acre Campus Point Event Sponsors: Join us for our annual networking event to help find collaborators, vendors, customers, advisers and investors, jobs, employees and meet your fellow entrepreneurs in your own neighborhood.  Members can apply to give a 30 second pitch Exhibit tables [...]

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SABPA 13th Annual Biomedical Forum

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The 21st SABPA Entrepreneur Symposium — Licensing of IP & Tech Transfer in Biotech Arena

Topics include: • Best Practices for Startups & Cleaning up Up Your Existing IP Rights • Introduction to Licensing • Developing a Successful Licensing Strategy • Top 10 mistakes to Avoid • Negotiating a Successful License • Bio-Pharma Example(s) The presentation and discussion will be presented by Partners at the Procopio who have years of [...]

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Marketing and Sales Support Associate – Biotech, Novogene, San Diego, CA

Position: Marketing and Sales Support Associate - Biotech Location: San Diego, CA (Chula Vista 91914) Organization Novogene, headquartered in Beijing with branches in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore, is a leading genomics solution provider with cutting edge bioinformatics expertise and one of the largest next-gen sequencing capacities in the world. Committed to quality service and [...]

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Multiple Positions, Kelun Pharmaceuticals (Updated)

Clinical Studies ❶临床药理总监(1人) 工作职责: 1、负责指导临床方案中临床药理相关研究内容的撰写,为药物临床安全性及有效性研究提供相关技术支持。 2、评估创新药物的临床前数据,并运用相应模型手段预测药物的人体处置特点,指导早期临床研究的剂量设计。 3、负责临床药效学研究(PD)的设计和实施督导,如生物标记物(biomarker)和终点的选择等。 4、协调解决跨部门合作中出现的与药物安全性、有效性及药物代谢动力学相关的问题。 5、与临床专家及审评专家进行专业沟通,为临床研究设计提供科学和法规支持。 6、负责相应团队的建设与管理。 任职要求: 1、学历要求:博士学历。 2、专业要求:临床药理相关专业。 3、工作经验: (1)至少5年以上临床药理相关工作经验。 (2)具有早期临床试验方案设计经验,主导完成过首次人体临床试验(FIH)、剂量爬坡、药物代谢动力学(PK)等研究设计。 4、能力要求: (1)精通临床药理和药物代谢动力学相关知识,熟悉药物开发流程,具有一定的临床研究经验。 (2)熟练运用GastroPlus, SimCYP等模型工具预测人体PK/PD特点。 (3)熟悉全球药物研发中临床药理相关法规政策,能与监管部门沟通协调研究过程中各项事宜。 (4)了解常用的数据处理和统计分析方法。 5、职业素养:积极敬业、主动进取、责任感强、正直向上。 6、语言要求:良好的中、英文阅读和写作能力。   ❷后期临床总监(2人) 工作职责: 1、负责药物的Ⅱ、Ⅲ期临床研究方案设计,推动药物的后期临床研究顺利进行。 2、对早期临床研究数据做出评估和反馈,组织相关内、外部讨论,决策后续方案及临床策略。 3、与临床专家及审评专家进行专业沟通,为临床研究设计提供科学和法规支持。 4、通过与相关团队的积极互动,为新的研究方向和新项目的研究提供临床医学知识和经验协助。 5、负责相应团队的培训和建设、指挥与管理。 任职要求: 1、学历要求:硕士或以上学历。 2、专业要求:临床医学相关专业背景。 3、工作经验: (1)具有主治医生及以上资格,并具有硕士以上研究能力的肿瘤、内分泌、心血管、血液、神经、精神疾病等内科专业医生,负责过药物临床研究者优先。 (2)或临床医学等相关专业,在大型制药企业5年以上肿瘤、糖尿病、肝炎等疾病药物的临床方案设计经验,负责过肿瘤新药方案设计者优先。 4、能力要求: (1)具有扎实的临床医学知识;对肿瘤、糖尿病、肝炎等疾病领域的临床研究有丰富的经验。 (2)具有对文献或研究结果进行综合分析、判断的能力。 (3)熟悉药物研发基本流程及相关政策法规的基本知识。 5、职业素养:积极敬业、主动进取、责任感强、正直向上。 6、语言要求:良好的中、英文阅读和写作能力。   ❸注册申报及医学撰写负责人(Head, Regulatory Submission and Medical Writing) 职位描述: 1、  指导并全面负责注册申报相关资料的撰写、修订和审核工作 2、  指导并负责临床试验相关的资料的撰写、修订和审核工作 3、  指导并负责其它医学支持类相关文案的撰写、修订和审核工作 [...]

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