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15th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum and 9th SABPA Bio-Partnering

Pacific Forum: Register here 15th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum WHEN: September 28, 2019, 8am-5pm WHERE: Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA INFO: TBD Agenda Coming Soon

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SABPA 2019 BOD Election

Governing body that oversees the activities of SABPA organization 21 Directors for a three-year term Eight (8) seats open for re-election and new-election in 2019 Eligibility: Integrity, leadership skills, and teamwork spirit At least on one SABPA committee for one year Significant contribution and a long-term commitment to SABPA Timeline June 10, 2019: Announcement and [...]

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18th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 8th Pacific Bio-Partnering

SABPA Bio-Partnering is a great platform to explore opportunities in licensing, investment, fund raising and other collaboration deals.  It is designed for you to pre-arrange 1-on-1 face-to-face meetings with potential partners/investors/entrepreneurs by using the EBD online tool PartneringOne*.  Participants can upload their profile to the platform, and send invitations to [...]

Create a SABPA Account

Starting in 2019, you will be required to create an account for free before you can register any SABPA event.   Create an Account Now

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The 3rd Annual SABPA Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum

Register FTD Forum The 3rd Annual SABPA Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum   SABPA is excited to bring you the 3rd Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum. This forum will cover Gene and Cell Therapy and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are honored to have high-caliber speakers [...]

The 23rd SABPA Entrepreneur Symposium: Licensing Fundamentals for Business Executives and Startups

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The 22nd SABPA Entrepreneur Symposium: An Edge to Monetize Intellectual Property in the Greater China Region

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14th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum and 7th SABPA Bio-Partnering

Join SABPA LinkedIn Group at by September 25th and receive $15 discount (discount code will be emailed to you within 24 hours after approval, click here for more details). Pacific Forum: Register here Biopartnering: Register here 14th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum The annual SABPA Pacific Forum has become an important platform to showcase the latest developments in [...]

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SABPA 2018 Board Election

Background: The SABPA Board of Directors (BOD) is the governing body that oversees all activities of the SABPA organization. There are twenty-one (21) board directors serving a three-year term. In 2018, there are five (5) open seats on the BOD for candidates seeking election. Eligibility: An active SABPA member who possesses a high standard of [...]

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17th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 6th Pacific Bio-Partnering

17th San Diego BioPharma Conference Program Highlights Ignyta’s unlikely journey in precision medicine: From Dx start-up to global personalized healthcare company A 2018 Breakthrough Prize Winner’s insights on gene silencing therapy An industry veteran’s insights on the trends, gaps and opportunities for delivering innovation to therapeutic application Neurocrine’s [...]

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